Suffield Town HallIn 1802 , the community of what was later to be named Suffield Township was founded by Royal Pease, who was originally from Suffield, Connecticut. From 1802 until April 6, 1818, our community was known as Peasetown.  In 1818, the name was changed to Suffield Township and governing officials were elected.  Suffield is one of 18 townships in Portage County and lies in the southwest corner of the county.  We are uniquely situated in close proximity to Akron, Ohio to the west and to Hartville, Ohio to the south.  This gives our community a great mix of big city opportunities combined with rural charm.

With a population of 6,285 as noted by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2013, Suffield Township is a close knit community - a community where neighbors look out for one another and wave when passing on the road.  Township services include a highly trained Fire Department, led by Chief Robert Rasnick, providing fire and EMS protection to the township, as well as a hard working Road Department, supervised by Scott McBroom, that takes care of the roadways and other services related to the needs of  the community.

We welcome you to our community.  Please explore our website and see what Suffield has to offer.

The Suffield Township Board of Trustees met on Tuesday June 28th.  Actually, they met twice.  Once for some review and revision of the township's "Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual", and then for the regular semi-monthly meeting.  A number if issues were discussed, but it was the recycling issue that drew the most attention from the twelve residents in attendance.

Recycle Poll Card 06 30 2016 A.JPG DTrustee Jeff Eldreth mentioned that the Portage County Solid Waste Management had sent out mailings on the recyle issue to all Suffield residences.  Included was a card (see photo on the left) that allowed the resident to "vote" on whether they would like to go to curbside recycling or keep things as they are now.  If you have not received a card, contact Dawn McIntyre at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Eldreth mentioned that in Rootstown, a similar poll was conducted and about 1,200 of the 8,000 residents responded.  In Suffield there are about 6,311 residents, who live in about 2,400 residences.  The cards will be counted at the Portage County Solid Waste Management facility in Brimfield and Eldreth said that he would be there watching the count.  No date has been set for calculating the results.  Trustee Dave Vartenuk suggested that a public hearing on the matter would likely be needed before the trustees made a final decision.  It should be noted that there are plenty of questions that need to be answered.  

In other matters, three residences will be getting a visit from the Zoning Inspector Adam Bey in the very near future.  The houses at 1535 Whitehall Drive, 1560 Carriage House Drive and 1470 North Polen Avenue have yards in which the grass has been left unattended for the entire year.  Initally, these houses will receive a written notice to mow the lawn within  seven days, or the township have it mowed at the owners expense.  The trustees established a minimum cost of $500 per mowing.  This was not the first time that the house on Carriage House Drive has been mentioned.  For several years the neighbors have complained about it.  Construction of the house began in the middle 1990's and soon thereafter stalled.  Over the years the neighbors have had to look at an unfinished house and a lawn that was typically mowed once a year.  Two years ago, the township began the arduous process of condemning the property and attempting to have the house demolished, but various court actions by the original owner, and now the bank that foreclosed on the property, have slowed the process.  The house on North Polen Avenue likewise has been an eyesore several times over the past years.  One of the problems there is determining the owners name and address.

Fire Chief Robert Rasnick attended the trustees meetings.  He asked that the trustees allow appointment of Christopher Dinkins as a new firefighter.  Dinkins has previously been a Suffield Fire Department employee in 2013 & 2014, but had to give up his position here when he hired on as a full-time fireman in Akron.  Rules there prohibited him from working part-time elsewhere during his probationary period, which is now over.  He will work here as a probationary employee for his first year.  The Chief also asked the trustees for up to $6,800 to buy a new "Jaws of Life" hydraulic metal cutter".  This new cutter will exert up to 200,000 pounds of pressure when cutting metals.  Previously, Chief Rasnick had learned at a conference in Indianapolis that the newer cars have metal framework that our current "Jaws of Life" devices will not cut.

The water level of Wingfoot Lake was discussed and it was decided that trustee Eldreth would attempt to learn the actual water level.  The old Trellborg property came up again and court documents were presented by Trustee Chairman Tom Calcei that show the State of Ohio Attorney General's Enviromental Enforcement Section has begun litigation against the owner of the property, Howard J. TrickettIMG 0203Another truck (see photo on left) got stuck on Shaffer Road at Waterloo Road last week.  The trustees discussed possible solutions to prevent this somewhat common occurrence.

The trustees will meet again on July 12th at 7:00 PM for a 2017 budget hearing, followed at 8:00 PM for the regular trustees session.  On Thursday July 7th at 8:00 PM, the Board of Zoning Appeals will hear from Gary R. McFarland of 1738 Meander Way about an accessory building that he'd like to build, but his plans call for it to be closer to the lot line and 28 square feet larger than zoning rules allow.  The Zoning Commission also meets, but not on its usual time.  The have moved the meeting to Wednesday July 20th at 7:00 PM.      

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Advertise yourself, your business or where you work by sending us your business card.  We will put it in the section above on the title bar that is entitled "Business Cards".  There is no cost to you, and the card will remain there until you ask that it be taken down, or when you ask us to replace an old card with a new, more up-to-date card.  You can e-mail the card to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or snail mail it to Jeff Childers, 229 Waterloo Road, Suffield, Ohio 44260. 

Old and lingering items took center stage at the Tuesday June 14th Suffield Township Trustees Meeting.  Trustee Jeff Eldreth said that the Road Department has completed its "crack sealing" program for this year and now has moved onto once again mowing along the roadways.  He asked for $3,220 to pay General Concrete Construction Company for work to be done in the next several weeks to replace some curbs and gutter and fix a catch basin on Rivermoor Drive.  Eldreth said that the "chip & seal" program is about to start and he presented a list of roads that the township hopes to "chip & seal" this summer.  A copy of this list is on the Road Department page of this website.  In addition, the township is hoping to pave Palm Road from Randolph Road to Ranfield Road.  This paving is contingent on pricing, which will be known on July 12th, when the bids for the project are opened.

Trustee Dave Vartenuk advised that the Zoning Commission meeting had been postponed from last week until Wednesday June 15th, and it will be at 8:00 PM, rather that the usual 7:00 PM start.  Vartenuk noted that there has been some progress to the clean-up of the Copeland's Landing property, including the removal of several submerged boats.  Zoning Inspector Adam Bey commented that the clean-up on the lake-side of the Copeland property is still being investigated and run by the State of Ohio.  On other property clean-ups, it was also mentioned by Bey that Jack Trickett, the owner of the old Trellborg property, is pushing for a Board of Zoning Appeals hearing in hopes of being allowed to operate an automobile dismantling business on the property.  The County Prosecutor's Office has stated that no local hearing can be held on this matter until a case pending between the Ohio Attorney General's Office and Trickett is resolved.  In what may be the world's longest standing fight to get a condemned house demolished, some progress was reported on the house at 1560 Carriage House Drive, which is now owned by a bank. 

1470 North Polen 05 29 2016Some discussion was had on a house at 1470 North Polen Avenue (see photo on left), which has been vacant for some time and the yard has not been mowed yet this year.  One of the problems that the township has run into on this and several other properties is the ability to locate an owner.  Once an owner is located, warning letters can be sent to the owner mandating that they mow the property.  If they fail to do so, the trustees may elect to have the property mowed and ask that the County Auditor add the cost of mowing to the owners tax bill.  In the meantime, the township is forced to front the mowing costs.  Several other properties in the township have needed prompting by the township officals in order to come into compliance.

From the smaller-than-usual audience, Dave Polen asked about the status of the recycling bins.  Trustee Tom Calcei said that the Portage County Solid Waste Management would be sending out cards to all residences in order to get input from the residents on whether they would prefer to recycle as they do now, by using the dumpsters across from the Road Department, or by having curbside recycling.  Once these cards have been filled out and returned, the trustees will make an informed decision.  The Suffield Historical Society has sent a letter to the trustees outlining their plan for shrubs and flowers for the front of the historic Town Hall.  The trustees voted to accept the plan and allow the Historical Society to go forward with the project.  Project committee person Vicky Vincent acknowledged that the plantings will cost around $500 and will the project completed in the next couple weeks.  The Historical Society used the design services of the Canton Road Garden Center and will bear the cost of the project.

The trustees will meet again on Tuesday June 28th at 7:00 PM for further review of the township's Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, and then the regular business meeting at 8:00 PM.  Of other interest to the township, the trial of Samantha Moseley in the death of township Road Department employee William Knapp has again been postponed until July.  The pre-trial is on July 14th at 10:00 AM and the Jury Trial is July 19th at 9:00 AM, both in Judge Laurie Pittman's courtroom.  Since April 1, 2015, when the township website changed to its current personnel and format, there have been 50,301 visitors.  Thanks for your interest and support!

Upcoming Township Events

Suffield League doing big things in a small town


Suffield Music Festival Is Coming Soon!!

The Suffield League's 15th Annual Suffield Music Festival is just around the corner.  The regionally known event is again at the Wingfoot Lake State Park on Friday & Saturday August 5th & 6th.  Check back for more info.


Field Class of 1981 Re-Union

The Field High School Class of 1981 is holding a re-union at the Sunnybook Golf Club on Saturday August 6th at 6:30 PM.  For more information, e-mail or

In conjunction with the re-union, there will be a mixer for ALL 70's & 80's Field classes on Friday August 5th starting at 6:30 PM at the Sunnybrook Golf Club.


St Joseph's Festival

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Field Class of 1976 Is Looking For Classmates

The Field High School Class of 1976 is hosting a 40-year class re-union on August 20th.  They need help locating classmates for future communications.  Please e-mail them at


Senior Lunches Available

The Family and Community Services of Portage County in conjunction with the Suffield United Church of Christ offer lunches to Seniors at the church Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 AM until 12:30 PM.  Lunch requires a donation and must be ordered one week in advance by calling Beverly Miller at 330-877-3965.


Spring 2016 Historical Society Newsletter Is Here!

Read the lastest Suffield Historical Society Newsletter, which was recently published.  At the bottom of this page, click on "Society Newsletter" to see the latest volume and past volumes.




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Wingfoot Lake State Park

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Wingfoot Lake State Park is Suffield's only park.   It was opened by the Ohio State Parks & Recreation Department in 2009.  Goodyear had operated the park since the 1960's as a private playground for its employees and for corporate retreats.  As the company footprint grew smaller in the Akron area Goodyear decided to close the park in 2006.  To learn more about the park, such as rental of the facilities, visit the park's website:

Town Hall Rental

The historic Suffield Town Hall can be rented by residents and non-residents for various events.


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Who to contact in case of emergency and assistance when you need it.

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A great opportunity for community involvement, and many free activities for everyone!


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