Suffield Town HallIn 1802 , the community of what was later to be named Suffield Township was founded by Royal Pease, who was originally from Suffield, Connecticut. From 1802 until April 6, 1818, our community was known as Peasetown.  In 1818, the name was changed to Suffield Township and governing officials were elected.  Suffield is one of 18 townships in Portage County and lies in the southwest corner of the county.  We are uniquely situated in close proximity to Akron, Ohio to the west and to Hartville, Ohio to the south.  This gives our community a great mix of big city opportunities combined with rural charm.

With a population of 6,285 as noted by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2013, Suffield Township is a close knit community - a community where neighbors look out for one another and wave when passing on the road.  Township services include a highly trained Fire Department, led by Chief Robert Rasnick, providing fire and EMS protection to the township, as well as a hard working Road Department, supervised by Scott McBroom, that takes care of the roadways and other services related to the needs of  the community.

We welcome you to our community.  Please explore our website and see what Suffield has to offer.

As already announced, the Portage County Solid Waste Management will distribute the recycle bins to all Suffield residences beginning January 12th through January 17th.  These bins will be left at the end of your driveway.  Included on the bin is a sticker (shown on the right) that shows you what is permissible torecycle binsticker 01 09 2017 recycle and some examples of what not to put in the bin. 

The actual beginning for recycle pickup is Monday January 30 and Tuesday January 31.  The plan for Suffield is very simple.  If you live west of State Route 43, your pickup day will be Monday.  For those who live east of State Route 43, your pickup day is Tuesday.  To help keep the routes running smoothly, you are asked to place your cart at the curb or street about four feet away from mailboxes or other fixed objects either the night before the scheduled pickup, or no later than 5:30 AM the day of pickup.  The same bin sticker that provided you with some guidelines is also used to show which way to position the cart for pickup.  Place the cart so that the arrow on the sticker points toward the street. Click on the Suffield Township Pickup Schedule logo below for the actual dates of pickup for 2017, and for holidays that affect the bi-weekly pickup.suffield starting guide 10 09 2017

Keep in mind that this curbside program is for recyclables only.  You will still need to maintain service with your regular trash hauler, who will continue to pick up your trash on the same days as they always have.   While the Portage County Solid Waste Management District has not announced an exact date, it is very likely that the ugly dumpsters on State Route 43 across from the Road Department will be removed the first week of February.

We still recommend that you visit the Portage County Solid Waste Management District's website (, which has a section called "What do I do with?".  Here you can learn of places to dispose of some of the hard-to-get-rid-of items that your trash hauler isn't supposed to pick up, or may charge you an extra fee to take.  And, as always, if you have questions, call 330-678-8808 and talk with one of the friendly people at the Portage County Solid Waste Management District  

The Suffield Township Historical Society conducted a business meeting and social gathering on Monday January 16th at 6:30 PM in the Fire House Community Room.  The public was invited for this open meeting at which the officers and membership looked to what goals they hope to accomplish for the remainder of 2017.  There was no speaker at this meeting, but the publicly acclaimed "Speaker Series" will return in February.  For 2017, the Historical Society will be led by returning President Judy Calcei, Vice President/Secretary Bev Persons, Treasurer Nancy Wise, Curator/Historian Bob Longbottom.  The Board of Directors are Gary Miller, Charles "Buzz" Sollers and Pauline PersonsGino Calcei will continue the nearly impossible task of finding speakers for the meetings.

The Society chose May 12th & 13th to have their annual Plant Sale.  This year the sale will be in front of the Suffield Township Historical Society Museum, which is located along State Route 43, just behind the Town Hall.  The hours will be 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM, but it was pointed out that the hours are usually extended somewhat.  They also voted to try and maintain a minimum of "about $2,000" in their checking account.  Treasurer Nancy Wise said that the normal amount to run the Historical Society for one year is $1,000, which funds insurance, a scholarship, utilities, two mailed newsletters and a few other low-cost incidentals.  President Judy Calcei said that there are some display cases in the Portage County Administration Building that have been offered to the Suffield Historical Society to display relics from Suffield.  This space would be rotated among the other countywide historical societies.   The group consensus was in favor of loaning articles for display.

President Calcei said that the next newsletter would be out soon and that she was hoping people would opt to receive their copy by e-mail.  This would save on copying and postage costs.  With that in mind, anyone that would like to receive the newsletter as an e-mail, rather than a mailed document, please sent an e-mail to Judy Calcei at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get your e-mail address on the electronic mailing list.  Of course, the newsletter will be posted to this website, where you'll have access to it forever.  After the business session, most to the group went to the museum to see the new wall and cabinets that were installed over that last several days.  This was phase one of the project to increase storage and display space.  Phase two will be to complete some display shelving.  The Society thanks Gino Calcei, Tom Mencer, Ralph Wise, Gary Apitz and Ken Durick for their work on the project. 

The Suffield Township Trustees met on Tuesday January 10th at the regular time and regular appointed place.  A smaller than usual crowd of nine citizens listened carefully as the trustees discussed business.  Chief Bob Rasnick recommended that he be allowed to hire Brian Brandon as a new probationary firefighter.  The trustees granted his wish.  Brandon is a Suffield resident with a couple of firefighting certificates and is a former Marine.

Trustee Tom Calcei asked what could be done to make two intersections more safe.  He said that Congress Lake Road at Randolph Road and Randolph Road at May Road both are dangerous due to some sight limitations.  While no action was taken, some potential solutions were discussed, such as placement of new signs alerting drivers of a "dangerous intersection ahead".  Trustee Dave Vartenuk suggested that some thought be given on "things we would like to get done".   He referred specifically to getting natural gas to more homes in the township, public wifi and sewers.  Zoning Inspector Adam Bey gave a year end report for zoning activity in 2016.  There was about $1.65 million spend on new buildings, houses and improvements, and $2,865 collected by the township in permit fees.  In the crowd was a new face, a woman who came to the meeting just to thank the trustees for the new signs posted along Manning Road.

It was pointed out that the new recycling bins are being distributed this week.  Please take the time to read the articles on our website  that provide guidance on the recycling program, and also go to the Portage County Solid Waste Management District's website ( for even more useful information.  Your curbside recycling pickups begin on Monday January 30th for all those living WEST of State Route 43, and start on Tuesday January 31st for everyone who lives EAST of State Route 43.  The pickups will be every other week on the same days.

The Board of Zoning Appeals meets Wednesday January 11th at 6:30 PM for its re-organizational meeting.  There are no hearings scheduled for this meeting.  The Zoning Commission will meet on Wednesday January 11th at 7:00 PM.  The Trustees next meet on Tuesday January 24th at 8:00 PM.  All meetings are held at the Suffield Township Administration Building.   

Maureen T. Frederick Portage Co Commissioner B



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Most of the articles, photos and images shown on this website's "front page" are stored so that you can read them later.  To see older information, click the "READ MORE" button at the top of the page and a list of articles will appear.  Click on the article you are interested in reading. 

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Upcoming Township Events




Field Girls Beat Crestwood 56-52

The Field Falcon boys traveled Friday evening to Ravenna and whipped the Ravens 53-46 for their third win of the year.    Also on Friday, the Mogadore boys were at home and survived a close one against Garrettsville Garfield by a 52-51 score.  On Saturday the Red Devils of Crestwood came to play the Field girls.  The Falcons had their highest scoring output of the season and prevailed 56-52.


High School Basketball

Schedule & Scores

See the schedules and scores for the Field and Mogadore boys and girls basketball teams for 2016-2017.  Click here to see schedule


Zoning Boards Elect 2017 Officers

The Suffield Township Zoning Commission held its 2017 Re-Organizational Meeting on January 11thJohn C. Yeargin was re-elected as the Chairman for 2017.  Jeff Childers was elected Vice Chairman.  The Zoning Commission decided to continue having their monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of the month in 2017.  On the same evening, the Suffield Township Board of Zoning Appeals also held their 2017 Re-Organizational Meeting and elected Andy Grow as Chairman for 2017.  Vicki Vincent was elected Vice Chairman.  The Board of Zoning Appeals will continue to hold their meetings on the first and third Thursday of the month as needed during 2017.  See photos of these personnel in the "current personnel" folder of the photos section.


Youth Baseball & Softball Signups Begin Sunday January 29th

Suffield Youth Baseball and Youth Softball will begin their signups on Sunday January 29th from noon until 4:00 PM in the lower level of the historic Town Hall.  They will have a second signup time on Saturday February 4th from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM at the Town Hall.  New players are required to bring a birth certificate.  Have questions?  For baseball info call Jeff Stayer at 330-322-3318, for softball call Matt Gaug at 330-413-8955.


Senior Lunches Available

The Family and Community Services of Portage County in conjunction with the Suffield United Church of Christ offer lunches to Seniors at the church Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 AM until 12:30 PM.  Lunch requires a donation and must be ordered one week in advance by calling Beverly Miller at 330-877-3965.


Suffield Township Website Has 55,397 Visitors in 2016

In 2016, Suffield Township's website had 55,397 visitors, or average of 151 per day.  This is an increase over the 104 visitors per day average in 2015.  In the last 90 days the website visitor average is 176 per day.  Thanks for taking a look at "".




Wingfoot Lake State Park

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Wingfoot Lake State Park is Suffield's only park.   It was opened by the Ohio State Parks & Recreation Department in 2009.  Goodyear had operated the park since the 1960's as a private playground for its employees and for corporate retreats.  As the company footprint grew smaller in the Akron area Goodyear decided to close the park in 2006.  To learn more about the park, such as rental of the facilities, visit the park's website:

Town Hall Rental

The historic Suffield Town Hall can be rented by residents and non-residents for various events.


Emergency & Assistance

Who to contact in case of emergency and assistance when you need it.

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Historical Society

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A great opportunity for community involvement, and many free activities for everyone!  Click on the logo to learn more about the Suffield League.


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