In a fairly surprising move announced at the Suffield Township Historical Society meeting on Monday August 20th, President Judy Calcei announced her resignation effective at the end of this month.  She cited a need to have more time for relaxation and the fact that she's been at the helm for ten years and now is the time for a change.  Also stepping away from his role as Program Director, Gino Calcei announced he was leaving that post.  Gino had stated for the past year or two that finding speakers has become harder and harder.   As the architect of the acclaimed "Speaker's Series" he has done a remarkable job of finding people to speak on all sorts of subjects.  Another surprise move was that Treasurer Nancy Wise, a veteran to that post for many years, said she would not run for another term, but would remain on the job through the end of this year. 

As allowed by the Society's by-laws, Judy Calcei has appointed her successor.  Taking controls will be a former Suffield Township resident John Saxe.  He currently lives in Licking County and was said to be willing to make the trip back and forth for meetings, programs and other necessities.  Another person who has shown interest in the Historical Society is Elizabeth Phillip-Vance.  She has a background in history and an advanced degree in museum management and also interned at the Kelso House, which serves as Brimfield's historical gathering place.  All who serve the various posts of the Suffield Township Historical Society do so without compensation.

In addition to the personnel moves, the dozen, or so, members of the Society who came to the meeting, learned that the Society has about $5,200 on hand.  They talked about limiting the number of "business meetings" from six to four per year.  Postponed any recommendation of how much to donate to the proposed electronic sign that is being discussed by the township trustees until a cost has been established.  Talked about the next program which will be Monday September 17th, featuring organist Brian Ebie and to be held at the St. Joseph Catholic Church.  The program will begin at 7:00 PM.  Also mentioned was that Ken and Wanda Durick are in the process of selling their Suffield residence and moving to faraway Pennsylvania.  They will surely be missed. 

On a final note, Pauline Persons wanted everyone to know that the 12th annual Suffield High School Reunion is set to take place at the Hartville Kitchen on Saturday September 8th, starting at 5:00 PM.  Reservations are required by September 3rd.  Click here to see the Reunion flyer and registration form.

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Field Varsity Football 2018

Local High School Football Scores & Schedules

Falcons Lose 16th Straight Game

Suffield has four school districts; Field, Mogadore, Springfield and Lake.  Follow their seasons here.

In Week 5, Field (0-5) lost their 16th in a row, this time by a 21-17 score to the Coventry Comets (3-2).  The Falcons played well through three quarters and led by a 17-7 margin until they gave up two fourth quarter touchdowns.  Mogadore (4-1) went to Byesville and beat Meadowbook (3-2) 35-32.  Lake (3-2) opened with three impressive wins and since have lost two games.  Tonight they lost to Jackson (3-2) by a 31-17 count.  And Springfield (1-4) was beaten by Ravenna (4-1) 35-12.

In Week 6, Field (1-4) hosts Streetsboro (2-3).  Mogadore (4-1) is home to Crestwood (4-1), Lake (3-2) faces a big challenge when the Canton McKinley Bulldogs (5-0) come to Uniontown and Springfield (1-4) hosts the Norton Panthers (4-1).      Click here to see their schedules and scores.


BZA Approves Variances To Allow Home Addition And New Garage

The Suffield Township Board of Zoning Appeals met on Tuesday September 4th at 8:00 PM in the Suffield Community Room (1256 Waterloo Road) to hear a request for a variance from Paul Galloway of 557 Waterloo Road.  He wants to enlarge his home beyond what is allowable in its zoning district, which is actually industrial. The addition would also be too close to the roadway.   Galloway presented his case and answered the questions of the Board.  Owner of the property surrounding the Galloway lot is Warner Hughes, a former Suffield trustee of 13 years, who spoke on the history of the property and voiced his opinion that winters in Ohio are rough and the Galloways could certainly use a two car garage.  Andy Grow motioned that the variances be granted.  It was seconded by David "Pete" Einloth and then passed by a 5-0 vote.


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BZA To Hear Request For Variance 

The Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a hearing in the Community Room at 1256 Waterloo Road on Tuesday October 2nd at 8:00 PM.  James & Jill Scovern of 2107 State Route 43 seek a variance that would allow them to remain in their existing home while they build a new one on the same lot.


License Plate Renewals

When buying new license plates, or renewing them, be sure the registrar at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles knows that you live in Suffield Township.  If you simply state your address as Mogadore, the road tax funds, which should go to Suffield Township, will go to Mogadore Village, due to your zip code.  Keep your tax money in the township!


Suffield Township Website Has 235,000 Visitors Since April 1, 2015

As of September 13, 2018, Suffield Township's website had 235,250 visitors since April 1, 2015.  Since the "new" website was adopted, the daily viewership has risen from about 40 per day to over 258 per day.  Thanks for taking a look at "".  Tell your friends about us.






Wingfoot Lake State Park

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Wingfoot Lake State Park is Suffield's only park.   It was opened by the Ohio State Parks & Recreation Department in 2009.  Goodyear had operated the park since the 1960's as a private playground for its employees and for corporate retreats.  As the company footprint grew smaller in the Akron area Goodyear decided to close the park in 2006.  To learn more about the park, such as rental of the facilities, visit the park's website:

Town Hall Rental

The historic Suffield Town Hall can be rented by residents and non-residents for various events.

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Front Page Articles

The articles on the Front Page of this website are written for informational purposes.  While most of these articles chronicle the discussions and actions at the township trustee meetings or zoning meetings, they are not the minutes of those meetings.  The articles are intended to summarize what was said or done.  The actual minutes of the meetings can be found on the "Trustees" page or the "Zoning" page.  Keep in mind that these official minutes are posted only after they are approved by their respective boards and submitted to the webmaster for publication.

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Who to contact in case of emergency and assistance when you need it.

Historical Society

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A great opportunity for community involvement, and many free activities for everyone!  Click on the logo to learn more about the Suffield League.


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