On Tuesday October 9th the Suffield Township Board of Trustees met before a crowd of ten interested citizens.  With Tom Calcei away, Jeff Eldreth stepped up and ably ran the meeting.  A number of routine matters were discussed including:  the Fire Chief's monthly report, an update on the derelict property at 2412 Sunnybrook Road, some road issues and the annual opening of the leaf dump.  The trustees also gave Portage County Commissioner candidate Tony Badalamenti some time to discuss his suggestions for a Pretty Glen Dam solution.

Chief Robert Rasnick said that the his department had a very busy September.   The firefighters and EMS squads responded to 83 calls, giving them 615 call-outs so far this year.  They are on a pace to set a call-out record for the year.  The annual Fire Department Open House was a great success.  Thanks to grant money from NOPEC, the Fire Department was able to purchase some really nice first aid kits and fire extinguishers and other handouts for residents.  The Portage County Health Department expressed appreciation on being invited.  They shot up 61 people with flu shots.  The Chief also announced that David Gasaway had resigned, citing that he "simply didn't have the time" to continue on with the Fire Department.  The trustees voted to accept his resignation.

Jared Phillip said that the Zoning Commission was meeting on Wednesday and that they were close to wrapping up the Twenty Year Land Use Plan.  The subject of the derelict property at 2412 Sunnybrook was given some explanation by zoning inspector Adam Bey.  While nothing would happen yet this year, it appears the Portage County Land Bank is willing to help in getting the property cleaned up and turned over to a new owner.  He said that there are several possible outcomes.  They include the landbank selling the property as a foreclosed property, the township being given the property, one of the contingent property owners being given first chance to purchase the land, or the property being put to community use, such as a park.  With the landbank's involvement, their legal department will handle all the legal details, which would be a blessing to the township.

Of importance to many in the township is the leaf dump.  The resident at 558 Etter Road has again offered to allow Suffield residents a place to dump their leaves.  The dump is now open and will be until about Thanksgiving.  We will give advance warning a week or so before the leaf dump closes for the year.  It is asked that you bring no sticks, branches, stones or plastic bags.  The dump will be open from Dawn to Dark.  Please respect the privacy of the property owner.

Tony Badalamenti said he has researched the documents that relate to the Hills Pond Dam, aka the Pretty Glen Dam.  Since the dam is owned by the county commissioners, it is their option to decide if the dam will be repaired, replaced or tore down.  Badalamenti's said the cost to replace the dam was about $1.6 million and to tear it down was about $1.5 million.  He suggested that with community involvement, it would be possible to keep the dam with very little cost to either the community or the county.  His suggestion was to get volunteers to spend a couple weekends clearing brush from on and around the immediate dam.  The trustees took no action on this matter.

On the calendar for the rest of October:  the trustees meet again on Tuesday October 23rd at 7:00 AM in the Suffield Community Room.  The Zoning Commission meets on Wednesday October 10th at 7:00 PM in the Suffield Community Room.  The Lions Club is sponsoring a Night With the Candidates on Thursday October 25th from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM at the Field Middle School.  Trick or Treat will be held on Sunday October 28th from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM.

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June 27th Flooding A Problem?  Here Are Some Tips From Portage County EMA

Click here to read a letter from the Portage County Emergency Management Agency.


Board Of Zoning Appeals Approves Variance For Steffy Road Resident

The Suffield Township Board of Zoning Appeals met on Tuesday July 2nd at 7:00 PM.  Eric Turner of 2074 Steffy Road had requested a variance to build an accessory building a mere ten feet from his property line, whereas the Zoning Resolutions require a 14 foot set back.  The BZA voted 5-0 to grant the needed variance.


Board Of Zoning Appeals Approves Variance For Accessory Building

The Suffield Township Board of Zoning Appeals met on Tuesday July 16th and listened to Aaron Smith's request for a variance that would allow him to build a third accessory building on his 3.28 acres at 969 Congress Lake Road.  After discussion, Dave Duma motioned to grant Smith his variance.  The motion was adopted 4-0.


Card Bingo Returns To Suffield On Sunday Evenings

Card Bingo has returned to the Suffield Community Room on Sundays at 6:00 PM.  Bring some change and spend an evening playing bingo with your neighbors.


License Plate Renewals

When buying new license plates, or renewing them, be sure the registrar at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles knows that you live in Suffield Township.  If you simply state your address as Mogadore, the road tax funds, which should go to Suffield Township, will go to Mogadore Village, due to your zip code.  Keep your tax money in the township!


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As of July 13, 2019, Suffield Township's website had 360,012 visitors since April 1, 2015.  Since the "new" website was adopted, the daily viewership has risen from about 40 per day to over 498.20 per day.  Thanks for taking a look at "suffieldtownshipohio.com".  Tell your friends about us.








Wingfoot Lake State Park

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Wingfoot Lake State Park is Suffield's only park.   It was opened by the Ohio State Parks & Recreation Department in 2009.  Goodyear had operated the park since the 1960's as a private playground for its employees and for corporate retreats.  As the company footprint grew smaller in the Akron area Goodyear decided to close the park in 2006.  To learn more about the park, such as rental of the facilities, visit the park's website:  http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/wingfootlake

Town Hall Rental

The historic Suffield Town Hall can be rented by residents and non-residents for various events.  For complete information on the availability, costs and regulations on renting the Town Hall, please call the Town Hall administrator Shannon Eldreth at 330-807-0384.


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